The Advantages of Outsourcing

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Now, more than ever, businesses are looking to better manage their bottom line, improve efficiency, and take advantage of a global marketplace of highly skilled individuals in order to scale their business.

So, let’s talk about outsourcing and the advantages that come with it.

Outsourcing isn’t something that is new, it has been around for decades, but certainly a service, that in a COVID environment, has allowed professional service businesses to continue operating while providing backup to in-house staff (even if those in-house staff are now working remotely). Outsourcing businesses were all ready and set to go when COVID hit. So let’s look at some of the advantages of partnering with an outsourcing service.

  • Reducing costs and overheads - recruitment, training, hardware, software such as AI, reduced office space, options regarding turnaround to work within budget – to name a few

  • Skilled Labour - immediate access to skilled labour within your industry

  • Focus on Core Activities - in-house staff are better enabled to focus on those tasks that may not be able to be outsourced while you delegate the administrative tasks to your outsourcing provider

  • Better Risk Management - transparency on the services provided, definitions of the tasks outsourced, leverage capabilities of your outsourcing partner to enhance a competitive advantage for your business

  • Run your business 24/7 - flexibility to operate 7 days per week – days/nights/weekends

  • Global market - outsourcing opens up a world of opportunities, quite literally! you can choose providers onshore or offshore, or both – outsourcing provides endless possibilities.

We recommend doing your due diligence. Ask your prospective outsourcing partner what systems they have in place, what their value proposition is, and most importantly, run a trial period and ask for references.

The best part: You only ever pay for the service provided and you’re generally not locked into anything during quieter periods - making it more cost effective than hiring additional permanent staff.

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