Who is Ascend Admin?

Behind every successful business, is a truly amazing team. Business is built on culture, and if you want a great culture, be a great leader. 

Nicole built Digitype Australasia (now operating within the Ascend Admin framework) from the ground up in 2001 - pouring her heart and soul into the business. Picture a great big server sitting in the loungeroom of a one bedroom apartment in Cronulla, and a website created with $15 and a great big dream!

By around 2008, Digitype had nearly 25 contractors working for the business from home (pre-GFC) - receiving files via email, in the post, on the dial in system, and ultimately to an FTP server. Since then, Nicole has built a global team of extremely experienced and like-minded typists and admin professionals, creating a culture and business professionalism that is unique in this day and age. 


Starting out as a legal secretary, Nicole wanted to start up a business that would allow flexibility when she eventually had a family, as well as offering that same type of flexibility to her team - creating the type of career that would allow them to work from home.


In this current climate, having that flexibility to work from home is more important than ever, and where appropriate, is a must for business. We have some 20 years' experience working remotely, have now operated through two global financial crises (showing economic resilience in a time where many fail) and stand in a unique position to offer businesses now looking to do the same some great insight into the capabilities of utilising remote staff.


Recognising the need for resilience and adaptation in this ever changing climate, businesses are now looking for a comprehensive solution to their back office administration, this is where Ascend Admin was born. We utilise best practices including secure systems, evolving & cutting edge technology with a highly skilled team, yet integrating with client practices seamlessly.


At Ascend Admin, we will be linking a number of services to our already successful transcription department, where our team works from a 'bespoke' management platform. The system is designed to work around our specific needs, and can easily integrate with those already on the market. We dare say, you won't find many service providers who have invested their knowledge and experience into building a system such as ours. This system has seen the business grow year on year, and freed up time to focus on delivering an exceptional quality transcription service with a seamless workflow. Due to its flexibility, our new service offerings will integrate perfectly through our work flow management.

We are excited to share with you our new image, our new service offerings, and our unwavering willingness to provide the best back office support solutions on the market to your business.

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