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General business transcription

We are a team of highly capable typists, with many decades of experience transcribing across industries.


We have worked with lawyers, law firms, barristers, Australian Courts and Tribunals, medico-legal practitioners, market research companies, universities, building inspection services, to name a few, to provide transcription services.


Pre-GFC, we were one of the only Australian based international providers of Court transcripts to the Birmingham Courts along with major international events via one of Europe’s largest transcription and language interpreting services, having made it through their rigorous hiring and training process.


In more recent years we have built a reputation in excellence with some of Australia’s premier medico-legal providers, with many practitioners also choosing us to provide their private practice reporting. We have been working with some of Australia’s largest market research companies for two decades and continue to excel in this area. We are dedicated to providing the best possible service you can find.

Corporate event transcripts are our forte, along with government, financial services and media event recording and transcription including government door stops, media announcements, AGMs and industry forums with immediate turnaround of transcripts. Please contact us via our Quick Quote form to book your next event transcript.


Our secure transcription workflow platform provides end to end management of your files - from uploading of audio, editing, right through to invoicing... No job is too big or too small - with the process being seamless and giving you peace of mind in knowing that your transcription files are in good hands.

Unsure about file formats? Already have an in-house transcription platform? Contact us via our Quick Quote form to discuss options to easily export files to our system for processing.